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April 24, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Other Profile

By Muhammad Rafique Etesame

Some of the Christian scholars claim that:-

(1) “It was Hazrat Ishaq (not Ismail) who was offered for sacrifice.”

(2) ” The Holy Bible has not been changed in words or meanings as the Muslim scholars claim.

(3) ” The Holy Quran affirms and verifies the Old and New Testaments.

Before we mention the Quranic verdict over the sacrifice whether it was of Hazrat Ishaq or Hazrat Ismail first it seems necessary to examine the Biblical facts that clearly contradict the above mentioned claim made by the Christian.

For example, Fact No.2 reveals “Hazrat Ismail was born of Abrahm and Hagre; when Abraham wad 86 year old (Genesis 16:16)

Hagar was an Egyptian bond servant in Abraham’s household, handmaid of Sareh, who was Abraham’s principal or wedded wife. Ismail was the son by earthly effort, of Hagar the slave.

Fact No.3 reveals, “When Isaac was bon, Abraham wad 100 years old (Genesis 21:05)

Sarah’s (in Heb. Means ‘Princess’) was the principal wife of Abraham, and also his half-sister on his father’s side (Genesis 20:12)

Sarah’s barrenness was a constant reproach to her, and so she gave her handmaiden, the Egyptian Hagar, to her husband as his concubine. Hagar’s pregnancy aroused her jealousy, and she(Sarah) ill-treated Hagar to such an extent that Hagar ran away for a time, On her return, Ismail was born.

After reading these Biblical facts, the question is: who was the only son of Hazrat Abraham, Ismail or Isaac? Obviously, it was Ismail because he was 14 years older than Isaac, as, Hazrat Ismail was born of Abraham and Hagar; when Abraham was 86 years old. And when Isaac was born, Abraham was 100 years old. (Genesis 21:5)

So, Ismail was the only son of Hazrat Abraham who was offered for sacrifice. If the Christians do not agree to it then they should please tell us who was the only son of Abraham?

As regards the Quranic point of view about it, it reveals that Hazrat Ismail was offered for sacrificed and not Isaac. As, “So We gave him tidings of a gentle son. And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice the. So look, what thinkest thou? He said; O my father; Do that which thou art commanded . Allah willing thou shalt find me of the steadfast. Then when they had both surrendered (to Allah) and he had hung him down upon his face, We called unto him: O Abraham; Thou has already fulfilled the vision. Lo; thus do We reward the good. Lo; that verily was a clear test than We ransomed him with a tremendous victim. And We left for him among the later folk (the salutation): Peace be unto Abraham! Thus do We reward the good. Lo! He is one of Our believing slaves. And We gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac, a Prophet of the righteous, And We blessed him and Isaac. (Surah Assafat:113)

We know from these verses that after mentioning the sacrificial incident of Abraham’s son, the Holy Quran says,” And We gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac, a Prophet of the righteous.

And We blessed him and Isaac,”(Assafat:113) Now, it is clearly known in the light of these verses that the son that was offered for sacrifice, was another son of Abraham the Isaac (and he was Ismail) because Isaac’s tidings were given after mentioning the sacrificial incident.

As regards the affirmation and verification of the Bible by the Holy Quran, so, the Quran affirms the Scripture that is pure from any distortion or tampering. Changing in the Holy Bible is: not even a belief of the Muslims, but renowed Christian scholars, researcher and clergymen from all over the world concede it and Encyclopedia of Britannica also confirms it .(V.3,pNO.501,paragraph No.4.3) The Holy Bible has been translated many times since its revelation. Every new translation is different from others. Why?

Recently, a new American translation of the Bible “Revised Standard Version” has been adopted in all the churches of Pakistan.

Whether the Christians disclose that this new translation of the Holy Bible is correct or not? If it is , then what was the status of the former translations?


April 10, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Dimensions of belief

The glorification of nudity as a symbol of a progressive civilization and modernism has promoted immodesty to a great extent. Islam, on the other hand, has promoted modesty and decency by legally making compulsory to wear a costume to cover the body.

According to the so-called modernists, the purpose of wearing a dress is not to conceal the attractive and finer parts of the body, but to adorn it. On the contrary Islam places a great emphasis on covering nudity. Islam has admonished its adherents to compulsorily cover those parts of a male physique that attract women and those of women that cause excitement in men.

The costume of women is considered to be more sensitive in almost all the human societies. The sheer attractive body structure of a woman, which is no match for a man’s physical makeup, requires to be concealed with a high degree of modesty.

That is why Islam has given clear and comprehensive instructions regarding clothing. In fact the instructions to cover oneself were given at the dawn of human civilization itself. Islam has clearly instructed the compulsory covering of those parts of men and women that incite passions in the opposite sex. Men should always cover themselves from the navel to the knee.

Women should cover their entire body except face and arms. Barring ones spouse people are not allowed to expose themselves to any other person. Further a woman is allowed to adorn herself with her beautification and ornaments only in presence of other women, husband, relatives with whom marriage is forbidden, servants and children. This in no way, tends to curb her freedom but in fact protects her honour and modesty.


April 10, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Quran & Hadith

• A Historical perspective

Polygamy is an established age old institution prevailing in human civilization from time immemorial. In China Li-Ka permitted every man to keep up to 130 wives whereas else where Charlemagne had about 400 wives.

The legendary Indian figures having numerous wives and concubines is a very well established fact. However before the advent of the Holy Quran this practice was not only rampant, chaotic, but also without any order or discipline. Men all over the world abused this system to the hilt with little or no respect to the rights of the women they had in their harem.

The Old Testament and the Gospels had nothing in them to put an end or reduce the ills of this oppressive system, till restrictions were imposed for the very first time by the Quran on polygamy in 6th century A.D. Following the suit, by 8th century A.D the church banned polygamy in totality and ordered the Christian men to divorce all their wives save one. Consequently thousand of women were left in the lurch who were ultimately forced to live as prostitutes and destitute.

• Islamic point of view

The stand taken by the Quran on polygamy, is often either misunderstood or misinterpreted by vested interests. Let us now examine what is Islam’s stand vis-à-vis polygamy. The related verse in the Holy Quran goes as follows:

“And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry (other) women of your choice; two or three or four but if you fear that you shall no be able to deal justly with them then marry only one” (Holy Qur’an 4:3)

It is very clear from the above narrated verse from the Quran that:

  • Islam exhorts it’s followers to have only one wife per se; but
  • Under exceptional circumstances such as to tackle problems of orphans, young widows, and divorcees, Islam allows more than one wife, BUT
  • The person taking up more than one wife is obliged to do equitable justice among all his wives,
  • If he fears that he will not be able to do equitable justice among his wives, he is very clearly instructed to take only one wife.
  • At the same time, Islam restricts the total number of wives to a maximum of four only.

• The world scenario

What happened to the population of the West, at the end of the World War II, when thousands of dying young army men caused huge male-female imbalance may happen once again. Even today there are certain pockets in the world where the marriageable women outnumber their counterparts. How does any body solve the matrimonial problem of these extra young unmarried women?

Or think about the plight of all those women who after getting married, get terminally ill, paralyzed, bedridden or are infertile. Should they all be divorced and thrown out on the road, so that their husbands can take another wife. Or a more practical approach would be to allow their husbands to take a second wife?

• Injustice to Women

The institute of polygamy is always looked down upon as an injustice to women folks. Is it really so? On the contrary consider the following salient features, which distinctly work in favor of women.

1. Polygamy gives an opportunity to the woman to choose a life partner who has already proven himself as a good husband, thereby reducing the matrimonial risks.

2. It extends practical security to a woman against loosing her husband (and everything else with him) to some other better-qualified woman, as it happens in case of monogamy.

3. It safeguards her husband from possible adultery and it’s disastrous ill effects.

4. It gives a possible way out to a career minded woman to pursue her career by having a female friend & husband to share family responsibilities.

It keeps a check on men from flirting with young girls and not marrying them on the pretext of their existing marriages.

Who would know the need of the creation better than The Creator Himself? We mortal human beings may or may not like certain ideas due to our own prejudices, but in the end one has to accept the fact that the Divine Wisdom is infallible.

What is life?

April 08, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Uncategorized

By Muhammad Rafique Etesami

what is life? It is the question raised oftenly in the minds and the people have different point of view about it. For example, some people see it a beautiful dream, while the others see it as a heavy mountain, some people see it joyful, lustful and pleasant, while others see it a lamp dimming down by and by; some people see it a bed of roses, while the others see it a crown of thorns, and some people become so much distressed by it that they prefer death over it as a famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghaib says…….

Zindage hai ya koe toofan hai, ham to is jeeney keyhathon mar chaley(Whether it is a life or a heavy storm, I am going to death by such a life)

The question is: what’s life in its real meanings and whether it has an authentic reply? So, according to my point of view, the meaning of life is the struggle hard that if a man fails sometime to achieve his goal, he must not give up his struggle, but should stand up with a new excitement and enthusiasm.Because the people, who go straightforword by continuous walking, always achieve the goal.

According to the Islamic point of view, life divided into two categories, life of this world, and the life after death. According to Islam, the real life is the life after death. Because this will be remain constantly and never-ending.

In the worldly life, the man oftenly put to test and scrutinized in the many ways as Allah Ordains:- “And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast, who say when a misfortune striketh them,Lo! We are Allah’s and to! Unto Him we are returning. Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided. (The Cow: 155)

And the life after death is divided into two categories life in the paradise and life in the Hell. Life in the Hell, is terrifying, dreadful and very difficult. Where the man will die again and again and will hardily wish the death but failed.While, the  Life in the paradise is a luxurious pleasant and most charming as Allah Almighty Say in the holy Quran,” Every soul will taste of death. And ye will be paid on the Day of Resurrection only thy at which ye have fairly earned. Whose is removed from the fire and is mad to enter paradise, he indeed is triumphant. The life of this world is but comfort of illusion.(Al-e-Imran: (185) And also Says,” These are the limits (imposed by) Allah. Whose obeyeth Allah and His messenger, he will make him enter Gardens underneath which rivals flow, where such will dwell for ever. That will be the great success.” (Women: 13)

So, the real life is the life in the Paradise .But to gain it, the only way is to act upon Islamic teachings i.e. to obey the orders of Allah according to the”Uswa-e-Hasna” (good example) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) .And, for this, he has to-do hard struggle against ‘Nafs-e-Ammarah'(inordinate soul) and the Devil.