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November 27, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Other Profile

by M.R.E

Eid-ul-Azha is an important event of lsam. Millions of Muslims from all over the world offer sacrifice on this occasion. It s a source to gain blessings of God and purity and piety. Sacrifice is such a process that all of the Islamic Ummah see eye to eye with its authoritativeness and authenticity. The Holy Prophet (PBUH). And his companions (God be pleased with them) used to offer It on the eve of Eid-uld-Azha. Sacrifice is necessary (Wajib) for him who has potentiality. It is proved in the light of Quran, Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and with the practice of companions and verdict of famous Muslims jurists like Imam Abu hanifa, Imam Shafie, Imam Ahmed Bin Humble, Etc. (Tahavi Hadaya) Ijma-e-Ummat has been held on this issue, i.e to offer sacrifice on Eid-ul-Azha.

Unfortunately, some people see it as a “mustahab” not “wajib” . It means that if a man offers sacrifice, he will be rewarded on the Day of Judgment and if he dies not, then he will never be punished. They are of the opinion that the majority of the companions considered this worship as sort of superogatory worship and not a compulsory one. That is why they did not offer sacrifice on this day. They say that Hazrat Bilal Habshi offered the “sacrifice of chicken” on this auspicious day. Hazrat Ibne Abbas, on this day sent for his servant to market, asked him to bring meat worth two dirham. When he returned, Hazrat Ibne Abbas pointed to that meat and said that it was the ‘sacrifice’ of ibne Abbas. So, it is a need of the time to explain the Islamic point of view on the sacrifice of Eid-ul-Azha in the light of Holy Quran and Ahadith so that misunderstandings should be removed about it.

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: “And for every nation have we appointed a ritual, that they may mention the name of Allah over the beast of cattle that He hath given them for food; and your God is One God, Therefore surrender unto Him. And give good tidings (O Muhammad (PBUH) to the humble whose hearts fear when Allah is mentioned, and the patient of whatever may be fall them, and those who establish worship and who spend of that We have bestowed on them And the camels’. We have appointed them among the ceremonies of Allah Therein ye have much good. So mention the name of Allah over them when they are drawn up in line. Then when their flanks fall (dead), eat thereof and feed the beggar and the suppliant. Thus have We mad them subject unto you, that haply ye may give thanks. Their flesh and their blood reach not Allah, but the devotion from you reacheth Him (The Pilgrimage: 37)

These versed are a clear proof of the sacrifice of animals on Eid-ul-Azha. Another place Allah says : “Lo! We have given thee abundance; so pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice. Lo! It is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity (Abundance: 3). Hazrat Ibne Abbas says in the light of this Surah that it is about religious sacrifice only.

Moreover, the famous campanions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that ‘nahr’ means only sacrifice of animals (Tafseer Ibne Kaseer). Another verse reveals the sacrifice of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) saying “Say: Lo! My worship and my sacrifice and my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds (Cattle: 162)

We concluded from above Quranic verses that :-

1. Every past nation had its sacrifice of animals and similarly for the Muslim Ummah.

1. The Holy Prphet (PBUH) offered sacrifice in the light of Quran and then his campanions also did so. So, the sacrifice is proved by the Holy Qurans As regards the Ahadiths, so it is proved by authentic Ahadiths as:-

1) Hazrat Anas (God be please with him) narrated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) slaughtered two he-goats on the Eid-day whose hides were white and black and horns were high. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) put his foot on their neck and recited ‘Bismillah-e-Wallah-o-Akbar’ (Bokhari, Muslim).

2) Mother of the faiths, Hazrat Aisha Siddiqah (God be pleased with her) narrated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that no process of the Muslim is rewarded able on the Eid-ul-Azha than the sacrifice of animal, this is accepted while the first blood-drop do not fall on the earth yet. (Thirmadihi, Ibne Maja).

3) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) while asked about the sacrifice of Eid-ul-AZha replied that it was the Sunnah of their father Hazrat Abrahim (A.S). The companions (God be pleased with them)asked about its reward, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied that there was one reward against every one hair of the slaughtered animal. (Ahmed, Ibne Maja).

4) Hazrat Ibne Abbas narrated that we were on the way on the day while the Eid-ul-Azha come, so we seven persons took part in the slaughter of cow and ten persons in the camel) (Tirmadi, Nasai)

There are numerous Ahadiths reveal the authenticity of the religious sacrifice.

In short, the sacrifice of animals on the Eid-ul-Azha is proved by the Holy Quran, Sunnah and by the Ijma-e-Ummat, so, he will be punished who has potentiality and not offered sacrifice.


A Triangle of human desires

November 24, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Dimensions of belief


By Muhammad Rafique Etesame

Usually, the people pass their lives in a “triangle” i.e. to eat and drink, sleeping and fulfilling their sexual desire (as seen in the above sketch).It means that:-
(1)    A man rises up from his bed in the morning at first.
(2)    Then takes his breakfast and goes out for his business, He returns home at evening and takes his dinner.
(3)    Then goes to his bed at night for sleeping and also to meet  his wife  to fulfill his sexual desire (if needs) and then again it is morning.
It is a triangle of his desires where he passes the whole life, While,  according to the teachings of Islam, man has not been created mere as to eat, drink or to soothe his sex. These are his natural requirements, and there are some other considerable facts above it. It means that he should think about his creation at first; i.e. where has he come from and where will he go after his death? What was his real purpose of life etc?
So, he was created by a drop of semen then remained in the womb of his mother for a fixed time. The Holy Quran reveals,” Hath there come upon man (ever) any period of time in which he was a thing unremembered? Lo! We create man from a drop of thickened fluid to test him; so We make him hearing, knowing. Lo! We have shown him the way whether he be grateful or disbelieving.” (Ad-Dahar:3). After passing a long period in  the womb of his mother , he was delivered in this world. He was then only a small baby. Then step by step he becomes a young and strong man. Then after some time, he was an old man and became so much weak again as he was a child. All these changes in his body show that there is a  Who Created him and Created the entire universe. Who cannot be seen but all the things are under His command and control.
To learn about His existence, the man should consider over the signs of his own creation.The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that he who recognized himself (his reality), he would recognize Allah Almighty . (Al-Mishkat)  And man should also consider over the horizontal signs of the universe. Almighty Allah Ordains in the Holy Quran,” We shall show then Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things? How! Are they still in doubt about the meeting with their Lord? Lo! Is not He surrounding all things”? (Fusilat: 34) It means that the man should think about the creation of the earth, the skies, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, day and night, four seasons, and how it rains, blowing the air etc. He will, surely note that the entire universe is being run under the fixed rules and regulations since its creation. The Sun and the Moon rise up in time and set in time .It has not been happened so for that the Sun does not rise some times or it rises  from the west or the north or from the south rather then the east; or the Sun and the Moon knock together, or the Stars and Planets knock one another, because they move into a fixed circle as the Holy Quran reveals,” And the sun runneth on unto a resting-place for him. That is the measuring of the Mighty, the Wise. And for the moon We have appointed mansions till she return like an old shriveled palm-leaf. It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit.” (Ya Sin: 40)
If a man gets the sufficient cognizance of Allah Almighty, then it is necessary for him to think about the real purpose of his life as it is  mentioned in the Holy Quran,” O mankind! Worship your Lord, Who hath created you and those before you, so that ye may ward off (evil: Who hath appointed the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky the canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to Allah when ye know (better). (Al-Baqarah) So, every one  should
pass his life according to the teachings of Islam as proved by the “Uswa-i-Hasanah” of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In such a way, he will be successful in the worldly life and also in the life after death. We see that the beasts also pass their lives in the above mentioned triangle. They also eat, drink and fulfill  their sexual desire. Then what is the difference between the man and the beasts?

Seek Allah protection against despair, miseries

November 23, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Quran & Hadith

Shahadah-goldBy Maulana Muhammad Aslam Saikhupuri

Allah Almighty’s decisions are so strange and wonderful that a human being, already engaged in matters relating to materiality, are amazed. It is beyond human being’s approach to reach the depth of Allah’s creative decisions while he does not find a way out of the circle of apparent reasons and circumstances. Atheists consider reasons equivalent to their gods, while in most cases they worship the reasons. But, there are many who claim to have stronger belief and possess ability to see beyond the reasons. The glittering and antichrist civilization of the Europe has turned people of better vision into blind, and Unitarians to go against the reasons.

Allah Almighty has very clearly distinguished the ‘tussle between belief and materiality’ in Surah-e-Kahaf. In this Surah Allah has described four stories one of which is of that farmer who was provided with all material facilities of prosperity. He owned two farms of grapes. Palm and date trees had surrounded the grape farm. In the center there was a cultivation land. Besides these two farms he was also provided a lot of other facilities to spend luxurious life. As it happens in such circumstances, he forgot the realities behind all such facilities and blessings and thought that whatever he possessed, it was all because of his education and wisdom and he would never see a decline in it. But, when a calamity hit his properties and storms swept through his farms making them plain fields then he thought gathering the pain of the entire world in his voice, “Had I not been such an atheist who indulged into polytheism, I would not have faced such a fate today.”

The scholar of Islam, Hazrat Maulana `Ali Mian Noorullah says, “This farmer was not such a polytheist like others. He, at least, believed in Allah. As far as the polytheism is concerned, it was all under the circumstances. He had thought that all his wealth and properties were the real reasons of his success and prosperity. Under these circumstances he ignored the Divine Power and focused on the existence. This is the polytheism from which the present day materialistic civilization is suffering. The existing civilization has given the status of god to the materialistic reasons. This is a new sort of idolism and polytheism, which is badly decaying the humanity. The Holy Qur’an has defined every sort of centuries old as well as present day polytheism. The Holy Book has clearly negated the polytheism on the basis of reasons. The Qur’an says that whatever happens in this universe, this is all on the orders of Allah Almighty Who is the only Divine Power Who controls all worlds. He is the creator of all reasons. His all decisions and judgements carry deep strategy. He can change any situation any moment. He can produce peace from the cruelty and He can generate spring from autumn.”

It is a fact that under the prevailing circumstances Muslims find no good news for themselves. Blood of Muslims from Afghanistan to Iraq and from Kashmir to Gujarat is making an unremoveable line on the earth. We know that the believers of Islam do not have a leadership who could pull the Muslims out of crisis. All apparent and hidden resources of Muslims are controlled by the aliens. Alas! The strangers and non-Muslim forces, while control their own resources, also enjoy hold of all natural resources, seas, air space and sensitive installations and bigwigs of Ummah. It is ridiculous that Muslim leaders, high ups and resources are being used for the benefit of foreigners and not for the Ummah. But, despite all these circumstances, no Muslim who has strong belief in Allah and Islam, is happy. Everyone is worried and concerned over the prevailing circumstances.

The strong belief in the religion protects the Muslim against all sorts of desperations. We must not forget that the actual damage or development is the internal damage or development of an individual or the nation. A person who loses his prestige in his own eyes can never be praised in the world. Such a person can never enjoy an honour in the society. Anyone who faces defeat in the hidden life, does not get any support from the victory of apparent success and happiness. Apparent designs continue to change. Materialistic monuments sometime present enthralling view of high-rise and sometime implode. Villages and cities are built and razed. Their construction and devastation is not so important as compared to the development and honour of a person or nation.

Present day’s problem of Muslims is neither the fall of Afghanistan or Iraq nor the bloodshed of Muslims in Gujarat. The biggest issue is to save the Muslims from internal damages. If they succeeded in protecting themselves against the prevailing polytheism, and if they succeeded in keeping the lamp of religious belief on, if they never give up patience during their continued struggle to protect their religion and Ummah, they would soon see a day of success. Muslims must not forget that they have been sent to make other nations to follow them and not for the purpose that they should follow other polytheist nations, culture and civilization. Muslims are to lead the world. The rise and decline of the world is highly attached to the Ummah.

As long as Muslims ruled the world they enjoyed control over worldwide trade, economy and all societies. But as soon as they faced decline, every sector went out of their hand and met devastation. We should struggle hard to avert our decline. We should not only make efforts to protect ourselves against the spurt of storms but we should also try to protect others as well.

We should pray for the blessings of Allah Almighty against the sense of deprivation and inferiority complex. A person who falls into his own sight never enjoys respect in the society. Stay away from the sense of despair. We must not forget that it is not Muslim’s honor to become disappointed. Reasons should never be taken as everything but we must look into the realities behind the reasons. It is our belief that everything is from Allah and nothing can happen without His order. We must keep in view that every move of the nature is full of strategy. If it is gust of winds, it might be to awaken those who are unaware of their surroundings. The present day situation is that many have now waken up but a number of other who woke up have closed their eyes again, waiting another Kabul-like fall.

If by the blessing of Allah Almighty you are up from the profound sleep then it is your duty to wake up those who are still asleep around you. Enlighten the lamp of hope into their hearts and prepare them for the future. Tell them that the religion of Islam has not been sent to the earth to be eliminated, but this religion has been sent to eliminate all other religions. Muslims Ummah are not to become oppressed but they are to rule all other nations.

The prevailing circumstances, which are absolutely against Muslims, are all because of our own weaknesses and wrongdoings. If today we are confronting defeat and decline, this situation is not permanent. We can swear a thousand times on Allah Almighty that ultimate victory is of Muslims. But, they will be other type of Muslims who would eye behind the reasons and not the reason only, who would be afraid of the Creator of all worlds and not of the material human beings. They would have strong belief in Allah and His religion.

Don’t give up and never be afraid if you really are true Muslim. Ultimate victory is yours. (Al-e-Imra

(by “Dars-e-Qur’ with thanks)

Peace in Mind, Heart and Soul

November 17, 2009 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Dimensions of belief


This is understood from a verse in the Holy Quran – Allah says:
“Inna deena indalahil-Islam.” (Certainly, the only acceptable way which Allah will accept is Islam).  [Holy Quran 3:19]
This submission requires a fully conscious and willing effort to submit to the one Almighty God.


“But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (Muhammad, peace be upon him) as a judge in all disputes between them, and find no resistance against your decisions, and accept (the decisions) with full submission.” [Holy Quran 4:65]

Total submission is required after the surrender and some terms have to be set forth by Allah to be understood by the Muslim. There can be no option in the matter as Allah says in another verse,
“It is not fitting for the believing man nor for the believing woman, that whenever Allah and His Messenger have decided any matter, that they should have any other opinion.”
[Holy Quran 33:36]

Whatever Allah and His Messenger have set out as being the Way of Islam is incumbent on the believer, man or woman to follow completely. One must consciously and conscientiously give oneself to the service of Allah.


“And obey Allah and His Messenger.”
[Holy Quran 3:132]

“O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger and those of you who are in authority. If you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination.” [Holy Quran 4:59]

“He who obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you as a watcher over them.”
[Holy Quran 4:80]

This means to act on what Allah enjoins all of us to do (in the Qur’an) and what His beloved Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged us to do in his Sunnah (his lifestyle and sayings personifying the Qur’an).
After surrendering your free will to Allah and then ratifying the terms and conditions of the surrender, it is obligatory for the Muslim to live up to his terms of the bargain. It is his or her responsibility to do their best to obey the orders of Allah set forth in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him.

Sincerity & Purity of Intention

The heart must be clean and honest. Allah is Pure and He only accepts pure.

“Verily, deeds are rewarded by intention. And everyone will have the reward for that which he has intended.”
[A saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him – Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol. 1 #1]
Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo

Sincere intention is the key to the success or failure of the Muslim. All that he or she does must be for the sake of Allah and not for the chance to show off or call attention to himself or herself. If there is even a speck of pride or showing off for the people instead of doing for Allah, then the whole of the matter will be rejected by Allah on the Day of Judgment. This is due to the fact that Allah wants purity of intention and purity in deed.

Illustrated Text of the Qur’an


“Peace” (Salam) is mentioned many times in the Holy Quran and it is certainly the most sought after condition for the life of every human on earth.

“The Peace” (As-Salam) is also one of the attributes which Allah has named Himself by in the Holy Quran:

“He is Allah beside Whom there is none worthy of worship, The King, The Holy, The Peace, The Watcher, The All Mighty, The Compeller, The Supreme. Glory be to Allah! He is above all that they try to associate with Him as partners.” [Holy Quran 59:23]

We are all striving to achieve some sort of peace and tranquility in our lives. And providing that the other four conditions have been met, then this is the inevitable result of the one who is truly seeking Allah.
So as soon as he or she has totally surrendered and submitted and obeyed Allah, in complete sincerity and as a result has achieved total and complete peace in this life and in the next.

It does not imply that they will not be tested however. And this must be quickly understood. The one whom Allah loves, He tests. The person who will be successful in this life and the Next Life will be tested as Allah has said:

“Do they think that they will be left alone on saying, ‘We believe and that they will not be tested’? For sure we will test them as we have tested those who came before them, to show (them) the truthful of the honest and the liars in their falsehood.”
[Quran 29:2-3]

Once we humble ourselves, rid ourselves of our egoism and submit totally to Allah, and to Him exclusively, in faith and in action, we will surely feel peace in our hearts. Establishing peace in our hearts will bring about peace in our external conduct as well.