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Gift of Allah Almight

May 11, 2012 By: Mohammad Rafique Etsame Category: Current Islamic Articles

Fate of Human being

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According to the teachings of Islam, after having faith in Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala,and  His Holy Angels, His Holy Books, His Holy Prophets (May peace and Mercy of Allah be upon them), and also having faith in the Day of Judgment, it Is necessary to have faith in Taqdeer it mean the fate or destiny of a man as good or bad is from Allah Almighty. As the Holy Quran reveals, Religious Scholars points of view is that mankind not only has full authority to do every thing and not he is so forced and helpless to do nothing, but he is in the middle state of affairs.

A Muslim asked Hazrat Ali (R.A) about Taqdeer . He said to him that he should lift up his one leg. When he lifted it up, then he said him again, now lift up your other leg. He replied that he could do so. Then Hazrat Ali(R.A) said to him it was the reality of Taqdeer.

Ualam say that Taqdeer  is actually  a knowledge of Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala of the actions of mankind. As details, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala inspired a knowledge of good and bad actions in the soul of mankind, as it is mentioned in the Holy Quran, but He Knows better by His unlimited knowledge, that in spite of having knowledge of two ways , what way will he adopts for him and what type of actions will he do.   He wrote this knowledge in the Lauh-e-Mahfooz. It is the guided table on which the actions of mankind’s  have been recorded from eternity, or it means the knowledge of unseen. This is the reality of Taqdeer,  or fate of mankind. But it does not mean that mankind is forced or compelled to do whatever written in the Lauhe mahfooz? Because if it is so, then the question is: why Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala appointed two Angels  namely Keraman Katebbn over the man to write his good or bad action, and what means accountability at the Day of Judgment and what means the passage on the Pul Sirat (a bridge way put of the Hell that every mankind will have to cross it. And, similarly what means the entry in the Hell or In the Paradise on the base of good or bad actions. All these things become unbased and quite meaningless if it admitted that man is helpless before his taqdeer. Because if it is so, then it is the cruelty and suppression of Allah Almighty as first he tightened mankind in the chain of Taqdeer  and mad him quite helpless then he gets accountability from him at the Day of Judgement? But surely, it is not so, because Allah Almighty Has awarded an authority to mankind to do good or bad actions as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an,”

Another aspect of the issue of Taqdeer is that no one can know  what is written in Louhe Mehfooz about  his fate or luck and what will be happen in the next moment? He has the only way before him to do struggle to get his useful things and to avoid from his harmful things. As we finds examples in the routine life. If any one wants to do business, then me makes the best planning for it and provides sufficient money and makes best marketing to introduce his productions. He also keeps in his mind to compare with his business rivals. Here he does not think that whither I invest less or more money,it makes no difference  because I can get only what is written in my good or bad luck. But he make all the best to run his business  and, in other ways of life, he depends upon his Taqdeer.

Now the question is: whether good or bad luck can be changed or not? So it is authentic in the light of Shariah that it can be changed. Almighty Allah Says in the Holy Qur’an, according to the scholars, Taqdeer is of two categories Taqdeer Mubram and Taqdeer Muallaq. Taqdeer Mubram is unchangeable and Taqdeer Muallaq is changeable.

It is narrated by Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas that if  anyone serves his parents and they became happy, and they give him blessings or pray for him, or he pay the poor-due  and gives charity or sadaqa to them, or  makes a good behavior to  other Muslims then his fate  becomes change. As the result, his daily bread and his life period can be increased  and his bad luck may be changed into good luck. And if he deserves for Hell, then he may be entered in Paradise etc.

My dear brothers and sister, only   the good or bad actions make a good or bad luck. So, it is necessary to do hard struggle in every walk of life to get the useful things and to escape from the harmful things. May Allah Gives us taufeeq to do so AAmeem.